Clang, Clang, Clang: Tips on Protecting Tires from Potholes

When the temperatures begin to warm up at this time of the year (the ying, if you will), there's also the corresponding dropping of temperatures overnight (the yang). 

As melting snow begins to puddle with these rising temperatures, it typically finds cracks and crevices in road surfaces and begins to settle as time elapses. With the overnight temperatures dropping below 32-degrees Fahrenheit during the seasonal transition, the water that's collected in those crooks and crannies below the road surface can expand, creating a road warrior's worst nightmare.

The dreaded pothole.

As a commuter's sworn enemy, the pothole can have a tremendous impact on both your vehicle's tires and integrity.  At Bob Penkhus Motors of Colorado Springs, we want you to avoid these headaches to your new and Bob Penkhus certified pre-owned vehicles.

To guard yourself from the damage that potholes can inflict, we'd like to offer a handful of tips for your driving experience.

Puddles Watch. Puddles may seem like a rather innocent obstacle in your daily travels: you drive your way through it and it's nothing more than dirtying your clean vehicle.  Under the surface - no pun intended - lies a more sinister problem-potholes can conceal a deep pothole.  It's best to avoid them, if possible.

Focus on the Road, Speed. Heading out on the roads, it's vitally important to pay attention to both the road ahead and your speedometer. In keeping your eyes peeled as you travel, it should provide you enough reaction time to avoid potholes and, in turn, potentially avoid any surrounding traffic or nearby pedestrians.  Monitoring your speed offers a chance to lessen the impact on your vehicle. Coasting at a high rate of speed provides an increased chance to damaging more than just your tires, but the integrity of your vehicle, too.

Kicking Tires. The tire offers the most important barrier your vehicle has between itself and the pothole.  To arm yourself against damage, have your tires properly inflated to the manufacturer's recommendations. Finding these are quite easy: check the sticker inside your doorjamb or check your owner's manual.

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