Volkswagen Shares Unbridled Joy

Over the years there have been a lot of commercials by VW that have made us smile. And, if we at Bob Penkhus Automotive had to pick our favorite, we'd be hard-pressed to do so. However, there is an ad by Volkswagen from 2012 that would likely land on that list. For your viewing pleasure, we've included it below.

Now, we may not know the specifics about what's making these people laugh, but we can humbly assume that it has something to do with the joy they feel when driving a Volkswagen.

If you'd like to experience that same type of unyielding happiness, then we welcome you to visit our showroom in Colorado Springs, CO where our new Volkswagen experts are happy to arrange test drives in the models that grab your attention. Moreover, during your stopover they're available to detail specs and address any questions.

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