Volkswagen Teases Upcoming Super Bowl Commercial

As you know, the new Volkswagen models here at Bob Penkhus Automotive are engineered by our choice German automaker. However, for this year's Super Bowl commercial, the Bavarian brand is going all-American. You see, in an ad teasing their upcoming spot at the big game, VW promises to show the things that make us here in the United States laugh and smile.


In our humble opinion as a VW dealer in Colorado Springs, CO, we think that they're on to something. Though mayhem does ensue in the teaser ad above, adorable babies and puppies, dancing women and macho men, and even a guy in a hamburger suit are all things that are certain to make folks grin.

Of course, the same can be said of the Volkswagen vehicles in our showroom. With that said, if you'd like to arrange test drives in your preferred models, then we invite you to visit our dealership and VW service center, anytime.

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