Why Lease Your Next Vehicle in Colorado Springs

Leasing is a smart option for those looking to save money, while still getting the new vehicle you want and need. Most commonly, you can lease your new Volvo, Mazda, or Volkswagen vehicle from us for two to three years, and then either trade it in or buy it! We know you like flexibility and convenience, so why not choose the option that provides both?


Arguably, the two most common reasons to lease are cost savings and the enjoyment of having a new vehicle every few years. Leases tend to be less expensive for monthly payments, so you have the flexibility to upgrade to a most expensive model, while still having an affordable monthly payment. You're only paying for the portion of the car that you are using, like the few years, miles, wear and tear, etc, you put into the vehicle.

Save even more on your next vehicle when you browse our lease specials and offers. We frequently update this list, so check back soon if you don’t see the perfect option for your needs.


Sounds great, right? We think so! Come see us today to talk to one of our financing experts and we can get you behind the wheel of your new car or SUV from Bob Penkhus Automotive today! Browse our online inventory of new Mazda, Volvo, and Volkswagen vehicles to find your perfect match today.

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