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Advanced technology and performance make the Outlander PHEV a unique vehicle in its class. The high-tech engine can automatically select the ideal drivetrain mode to ensure maximum efficiency and power when you need it.

There are three modes, called EV Mode, Series Hybrid and Parallel Hybrid. The first of the three is the EV mode, which is a fully-electric drive mode. This is a perfect choice for daily errands and quick trips. The energy for the wheels is provided exclusively by the lithium-ion battery pack, providing a greener, environmentally friendly SUV.

The next is the Series Hybrid Mode, which is engaged when the battery charge is running low or if you need additional power such as accelerating hard or climbing a steep hill. The two electric motors will be powered by the battery pack as well as the gasoline powered generator. The gasoline generator will help to charge the battery pack and deliver additional power.

The third option is Parallel Hybrid Mode. In this mode, the gasoline engine provides full power to the front wheels. If you need additional power, the electric motors can seamlessly provide the extra oomph you need. If there is any excess power, the gasoline engine will provide that power to charge the battery pack.

The unique set up of the Outlander PHEV drivetrain allows it to seamlessly transition between gasoline and electric to provide efficiency and performance when you need it most. The impressive fuel savings will surely put a smile on your face, whenever you have to visit the gas station. Contact us today to schedule a test drive of your new Outlander PHEV and see how it will meet all your needs in Colorado Springs.

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